A Clean Slate

Hi all
       You may have noticed that I have been neglecting my blog lately, the truth is I have lost my motivation and time has been an issue lately. My working hours have changed from afternoon shift to day shift, by the time I get home it is too late to do anything. I have wiped my blog clean and starting over again, I will still be using a lot of old content, I haven't decided on which way I will be going yet so any suggestions would be appreciated. The idea is to focus more on destinations where we have been over the years, with a little research on the areas I am focusing on and more focused on 1 area at a time instead of several in one post (work in progress at the moment), posts will be shorter but there will be more.
      I am slowly going through my old photos from year to year and re-editing them, while I have been away from my blog behind the scenes I have been learning to edit and improve my photography, as I have been going through the archives I have seen many areas of improvement that I could do with the old photos  just to make them slightly better in post processing, new techniques in taking photos I have also learnt recently (still working on the fine details).
      Although I am still a few weeks away from fully getting back to it hopefully will start posting shortly, there will still be the occasional wildlife post or photo that I would really like to share, I have also been on a couple new walk trails lately or taking a ride on my bike through the bush with my camera will get to those posts as time progresses The good thing is when I go out I usually take more photos than I need so I can tell the story at a later date and with apps on my phone they can tell me where I have been so I can revisit the trip again for updated posts, I mainly concentrate on places near home that can be done in a day trip or a holiday, we have been trying to at least go camping or on holiday once a year.

Abandoned Camp Site - Kitty's Gorge Walk Trail

Old Mud Shack - Kitty's Gorge walk trail

All Images are Copyright Mark A. Gray all rights reserved


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