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Nth Dandalup Dam to Jarrahdale

HI all,      I had and early finish at work one day last week, I knew the day before that is was going to be an early one so the night before I studied the maps and looked for an alternate route home, and decided to take a detour to Nth Dandalup Dam and follow Scarp rd. exploring a few tracks on the way, Scarp road is mainly a good gravel road (although some parts of it are a sealed) through some of the darling scarp ending in Jarrahdale. As far as I know it goes as far south as Sth Dandalup maybe even further.    I had finished work by 9am so it gave me most of the day to explore, I had charged the cameras up, fuelled up the car, packed extra food and drink, I don’t have any recovery gear yet and fairly new to Four Wheel Driving, so I am still on a massive learning curve,   just sticking to the easy tracks for a while    I left work and headed towards Nth Dandalup Dam, the first track I took was slightly uphill and was quite rough, a gravel Road/Track it was rocky and there was