Nth Dandalup Dam to Jarrahdale

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     I had and early finish at work one day last week, I knew the day before that is was going to be an early one so the night before I studied the maps and looked for an alternate route home, and decided to take a detour to Nth Dandalup Dam and follow Scarp rd. exploring a few tracks on the way, Scarp road is mainly a good gravel road (although some parts of it are a sealed) through some of the darling scarp ending in Jarrahdale. As far as I know it goes as far south as Sth Dandalup maybe even further.

   I had finished work by 9am so it gave me most of the day to explore, I had charged the cameras up, fuelled up the car, packed extra food and drink, I don’t have any recovery gear yet and fairly new to Four Wheel Driving, so I am still on a massive learning curve,  just sticking to the easy tracks for a while

   I left work and headed towards Nth Dandalup Dam, the first track I took was slightly uphill and was quite rough, a gravel Road/Track it was rocky and there was some skinny parts and sections where the road has eroded away from water running down the hill, I followed the road until to Scarp rd.  After travelling on Scarp Rd for about 5 mins my first stop was at Nth Dandalup Dam, a nice picnic setting with Toilets, Tables and BBQ’s there is a small stream that runs along the side of the picnic area where I believe people swim in the warmer months.

Nth Dandalup Dam Built in 1994

I stopped for something to eat and had a bit of a walk around with the camera, then headed back up to Scarp rd. and continued driving towards Jarrahdale, there wasn’t a great deal of things to see along this stretch I detoured on a few tracks for a bit of exploring in the bush as I approached Serpentine River there was a steepish hill going down towards the Serpentine River the bridge crossing is  close to the Pipehead Dam and then another climb uphill, the road was in good condition passing a flock of Carnaby Cockatoos on the way through.

Small stream I came across while exploring

My next stop was the Jarrahdale POW camp that I often visit when exploring the tracks its right in the middle of the areas I go so a great place to stop for a few minutes there is a pit toilet there and it is also an access point for The Munda Biddi Trail, I often see cars parked there but no-one around most of the time they are riding on the trail , I stopped for about 5 mins or so to have a drink and something to eat, my next stop was going to be Sullivan Rock, on Albany highway the road travelling to Sullivan Rock from the camp is a gravel road and at the time me driving through was badly corrugated bouncing the car all over the road,  I had a drive to look at the picnic area and kept going, the picnic area is a basic area with tables and Chairs and old wood BBQ’s which look like they haven’t been used for a while.


   My next stop had planned to be Wungong Dam I haven’t been down that way for years ever since my high school days when I used to stay at a mates house some weekends, I ended up detouring to Canning dam on the way where I went to check out the lower Picnic area, It has Tables, BBQ’s, Toilets and a few walk trails for a quiet stroll, it is a smallish area but very quiet and nice, I never went to the dam this time and headed back towards Albany hwy. Arriving at Wungong Dam I was unaware that the road no longer goes through and is closed, so I took a few snaps and headed off again, there was also Toilets, BBQ’s, and tables in the picnic area,  I started to make my way home after that but took a drive to the other side of the dam to have a quick look, there was a group of people riding motorbikes there so I never bothered stopping for photos and then headed for home.

Wungong Dam

That night the family and I decided to go for a drive to Kings park picking up Pizzas on the way through, we sat and had something to eat and I took a few snaps and we went for a drive to the Optus Stadium for a look then headed home


View of Perth from Kings Park

The Optus Stadium at Night


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