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Jarrahdale - Out and about

A couple of months ago me and a couple of our daughters went for a drive through the sites of Jarrahdale, Western Australia. I hadn't been up that way for a few years except a recent hike along the Kitty's Gorge walk trail with one of my daughters , our plan was to visit Blue rock Walktrail, the Wetlands Trail and also the old WW2 POW camp ruins. Sadly they have deteriorated over the last few years and the tracks are dug up by trail bikes and 4WD  vehicles and have not been maintained. What is left of the Wetlands Walk Trail We first visited the POW Camp and then the Wetlands trail and then the Blue Rock Walk Trail, both the Blue Rock and the Wetlands rails are no longer worth visiting as they have gone to waste and the Carpark at the Blue Rock Trail have been blocked off by rocks so there is not really anywhere to park now. The WWII POW Camp is still accessible via Balmoral road but is a little overgrown and under maintained but we manage to have a little walk around