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Daytrip out towards the Outskirts of the Wheatbelt

 Today I had decided that I would go for a drive out in the country a bit I had looked at some places I wanted to get photos of and made one trip out of it overall the trip was around 280km which took me most of the day as I had a few stops to do. My first st was a place I wanted to go detecting, so I made that my first stop I stayed for just over an hour didn't find anything great so I packed up the detector had something to eat and headed of to my next destination. My Site finds nothing exciting As I was heading to the next destination Found a big boulder that had split in the paddock on the side of the road there was a small granite outcrop so I stopped for some photos. After a short drive along the highway I came across and old home it was fenced off and on private property so I couldn't get a closer look.   My Next stop was an old church St John of God in the Wilderness, there is also a grave yard and the ruins of an old farmehouse where pioneers use to live.       After t