Daytrip out towards the Outskirts of the Wheatbelt

 Today I had decided that I would go for a drive out in the country a bit I had looked at some places I wanted to get photos of and made one trip out of it overall the trip was around 280km which took me most of the day as I had a few stops to do. My first st was a place I wanted to go detecting, so I made that my first stop I stayed for just over an hour didn't find anything great so I packed up the detector had something to eat and headed of to my next destination.

My Site finds nothing exciting

As I was heading to the next destination Found a big boulder that had split in the paddock on the side of the road there was a small granite outcrop so I stopped for some photos.

After a short drive along the highway I came across and old home it was fenced off and on private property so I couldn't get a closer look.

My Next stop was an old church St John of God in the Wilderness, there is also a grave yard and the ruins of an old farmehouse where pioneers use to live.


After taking a few photos and a wander around the cemetery where some of the pioneers from the area are buried, I headed of to the Giants which is a large granite outcrop on the side of the road I think they are also used for rockclimbing. Before arriving at the giants I had noticed a display paddock with old Machinery and an old car so I stopped again for some more photos.

I had stoppd for 5 mins to take a few photos and headed off to the giants

I stayed there for a while had a drink something to eat took a few shots and headed of to Boulder Rock I have been meaning to go there for ages but everytime I did there was lots of people around and 4WD vehicles climbing boulder rock, which they are not supposed to I believe just another example of people not obeying the laws which eventually affects everyone espescially when places like that get closed down or ruined for that reason. Anyway here is a few snaps of boulder rock when it was quiet and not a person around.

There was arest area I came across during my trip which was quite nice no amenities or anything but plenty of shade and room to stop and stay overnight

 It was getting late in the afternoon by the time I got to Boulder rock still a 40 minute drive home

All images are Copyright Mark A.Gray


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