Quick Stop at Jarrahdale POW Camp

    Today was my day off, so I wanted to revisit the old homesite where I went last week to do a bit more detecting around there and check out another potential site for detecting , my first stop was and the mid to late 1800s site I swung the detector around for a couple of hours not getting much at all got some more building material a rather large U clamp or something which I brought home to clean up cause it was just so big never seen one like that before,  a couple more bottle tops and what looks to be a rusted key but it could just be building material again plus a couple what could be modern drawer handles on the surface made of glass but accidently broke one, I will post the finds another day haven't photographed them yet, there was also like a keyring when I first pulled it out it looked like and old ring then I cleaned it up a little and realized it wasn't.  

(photo will be inserted here)

   I left the site to check out another one I found on Google Earth but it looks like it not a homesite just where people have been camping and riding motorbikes etc, So I decided to take the long way home and Check the POW camp again I always check in there every couple of years to see how much the landscape has changed, it is starting to get overgrown now the pathways are still there but the trees are getting bigger and there are more of them, I had a quick look around grabbed the camera and went for a walk, here are the shots from the POW camp, I was also keeping and eye out for Wildflowers along the way.

Good to see the old Chimney is still standing

A View of the Munda Biddy Trail from the POW camp

I had thought of going for a detect around here but don't think you are allowed as it is a heritage site, the ground looks real hard to so might be difficult to dig, I did see some old dig holes while walking around looks like someone has been detecting there and not filling their holes in.

     On the way home I stopped at Jarrahdale oval and the old Wood Milling sheds to have a look and a few snaps.

The old Wood milling Shed in Jarrahdale

All images are copyrigh Mark A. Gray


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