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A quick trip to Bunbury

  A few weekends ago we decided to go for a drive down Bunbury for the day stopping at a few places on the way.   A random trip that we decided to do at the last minute, that happens every now and then we just decide we are going somewhere, it was a relatively quick trip we left late in the morning so we only had probably 6 or 7 hours to play with before it started to get dark.      Our Trip first started by heading down Southwest Highway stopping at a few places on the way   Pinjarra Courthouse Suspension Bridge Pinjarra Another View of the Courthouse  We also went for a drive through Yarloop and Brunswick Junction , a fter arriving in Bunbury, we went for a drive through the town centre and stopping have having a look at some of the local beaches including Back Beach and a couple of others, today it was a little rough at the beach which made for some nice photo opportunity’s   Series of snaps from Back Beach   We Stayed at back beach for a while and then went for a driv