About Me

I have been a hobby photographer since about 2002, although I am not professional I still enjoy taking Photo’s. I enjoy Nature walks, Camping, Riding , Storm photography, Black and White, Landscapes and do a bit of Voluntary Sports photography at the local Sporting clubs that my kids are involved in, would like to learn a bit about Modelling photography and Portraiture
I first held a SLR camera back in the 80′s at school learning the basics of black and white Photography including loading and developing my own films, I never pursued  as a career after leaving school, although I wish I had tried, back in 1995 My father bought an old Fujica from an auction and could never use it. It was then left in the shed gathering dust, back in 2003  i was given my first Digital Camera it was a old Kodak DX-3215 which i used for a while until it got wet and never worked again, I asked Dad back in 2004 if he still had the old Fujica and he said I could have it, it still works today occasionally I  get it out and have a play with it although films are getting more and more expensive and harder to find.

Serpentine Falls - Kitty's Gorge Walk  Trail (Serpentine, Western Australia)


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