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Daytrip to Williams, Boddington and Pinjarra

 Today the Wife and I decided to go for a drive down to Williams, Western Australia  for a daytrip have some lunch and have a look around. We headed off around 10am going straight down Albany highway to Williams we were trying to find somewhere for lunch on the way down but ended up eating in Williams, as we were driving down Albany Highway I noticed and old farm house and shed down the road so I stopped for a few snaps.   I got back in the car hoping to find more old Farmhouses like this but never came across any more. We arrived in Williams and drove around trying find something for lunch after getting linch we parked down by the river had lunch and I got out for a walk around to take a few snaps We left Williams and started heading towards home we came across the Pinjarra-Wiliams road and decided to go that way taking us through Boddington, Dwellingup, Pinjarra then to  southwest highway for the trip home. Came accross what appears to be a swimming area in the river in Boddington th