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A quick trip to Bunbury

  A few weekends ago we decided to go for a drive down Bunbury for the day stopping at a few places on the way.   A random trip that we decided to do at the last minute, that happens every now and then we just decide we are going somewhere, it was a relatively quick trip we left late in the morning so we only had probably 6 or 7 hours to play with before it started to get dark.      Our Trip first started by heading down Southwest Highway stopping at a few places on the way   Pinjarra Courthouse Suspension Bridge Pinjarra Another View of the Courthouse  We also went for a drive through Yarloop and Brunswick Junction , a fter arriving in Bunbury, we went for a drive through the town centre and stopping have having a look at some of the local beaches including Back Beach and a couple of others, today it was a little rough at the beach which made for some nice photo opportunity’s   Series of snaps from Back Beach   We Stayed at back beach for a while and then went for a driv

Nth Dandalup Dam to Jarrahdale

HI all,      I had and early finish at work one day last week, I knew the day before that is was going to be an early one so the night before I studied the maps and looked for an alternate route home, and decided to take a detour to Nth Dandalup Dam and follow Scarp rd. exploring a few tracks on the way, Scarp road is mainly a good gravel road (although some parts of it are a sealed) through some of the darling scarp ending in Jarrahdale. As far as I know it goes as far south as Sth Dandalup maybe even further.    I had finished work by 9am so it gave me most of the day to explore, I had charged the cameras up, fuelled up the car, packed extra food and drink, I don’t have any recovery gear yet and fairly new to Four Wheel Driving, so I am still on a massive learning curve,   just sticking to the easy tracks for a while    I left work and headed towards Nth Dandalup Dam, the first track I took was slightly uphill and was quite rough, a gravel Road/Track it was rocky and there was

Back in Jarrahdale

Hi all,           Well it has been a while since I posted here been slacking off again. todays trip was more of a test drive through the tracks of Jarrahdale. I just recently purchased my first true 4WD and just had to take it for spin off road, only light stuff to start with although we did go on a few rough tracks as we were exploring around, it was basically the same trip as the last one we did to Jarrahdale in my previous post, this time we didn't have to walk much of it, Our first stop was the Jarrahdale POW camp where we stopped for lunch and had a quick walk around. Someone's make shift Camp site, there is suppose to be no camping here The POW information centre what is left of the Main quarter The powerhouse I think it was The Wash House After leaving the POW camp and exploring a few of the tracks not really finding much else, we headed towards Blue Rock and the Wetlands Trail, we only went for a quick drive through the track at the wetl