Out in the bush Detecting

    I have always wanted to get a Metal Detector and a few weeks ago I purchased a cheap one to get me started, so the thought was give it a go if I like it will get a better one in the future. The first day out with the detector was at the beach never found anything. a week or so later I recieved a drone from my wife for my birthday again it was a cheap one if I liked we will get a better one later. so I took it out to a local oval for some flying practice and went for a detect after, only found a few tent pegs and bottle tops and a couple ring pulls. 

  I have been doing some research and recieved my Miners rights, I  went for a drive out the bush where I believed there used to be and old mid to late 1800's homesite, I have been to the site years and years ago with the camera hoping to get some good bird shots and find some ruins, my first challenge today was finding the right track to get there after driving for nearly and hour trying to find it I finally found the track I am glad at least I had an AWD and a bit of clearance as the track is a little worse for wear these days, it doesn't look like the roads have been maintained for a while now even the area is all over grown and tracks dug up by Motor bikes and offroad vehicles tearing it up.

   After Parking the car having a walk around swinging the detector for nearly and not getting anything apart from bottles tops and ring pulls, I was about to give up and go home, while heading back to the car I noticed what looked to be old foundations about 50 metres away, as I got closer it was more and more evident there used to be a homesite there, so i starting swinging  the detector around and getting a few signals, I kept digging up old bolts and nuts plus other building material, and then got a signal and dug it up it was my first old coin I had found with the detector, feeling a bit more confident i was about to fill in the hole and there were 2 more coins there, I had dug up a 3 coin spill all one pennys from 1933 to 1948, after checking again with no ore signals i filled in the hole and about 10m away another signal it was another coin about 6 - 8 inches deep, checking it again there were no more signals.

   By then it was starting to get late it was still and hour or so drive home thinking I will have to go back there on my next day off for anothere swing, here are all my finds for the first day out in the bush

The Household Building Items and Junk I found

Some random stuff lead, piece of glass and a part of a hinge or something 

The four pennys 1933, 1934 and 2 x 1948 Roo Pennys

 Overall it wasn't a bad first day out in the bush


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