Sunset at Woodman Point

    After a days detecting out in the bush I wanted to get home for the Sunset at Woodman Point don't think I have ever been there for the Sunset yet. I haven't taken the camera out for a while it is usually with me went I go out exploring or detecting but I don't always get it out, we headed out for the sunset to a location at Woodman point where I don't recall going for the sunset before, I have been fishing from there when I was younger but hadn't taken the time to explore, I was on google earth the other day looking for a location to go detecting, and noticed a rocky sand bank on the other side going out to sea on the other side of woodman point must of been a reasonably low tide cause the pictures I had seen of this bank there was a lot more water on the banks of it then there was today,

    We parked up and went for a walk lots of Kitesurfers around here which made for some interesting shots.

   Here are a few from this trip

A Tern with fresh catch just pulled it out of the water 

All Images are Copyright Mark A. Gray


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