A short stroll at Thompsons Lake Nature reserve

 Today I decided to go for a look around Thompson Lake Nature Reserve there is a 6.4km walk trail around it , there are also several entry points around the Nature Reserve. Today I went the the Russell rd car park and went for a wander around that area, it was reasonably late in the afternoon so I didn't go very far about 3.5km there and back I have been here on several ocassions sometimes on foot or for a ride on my bike but it is always a nice place to go for a walk although in the colder wet months a part of the trail is under water so the best time to go would be probably be in the spring, in the summer you are  likely to encounter snakes around the reserve. All year round there is usually birds and Kangaroos, wildflowers, in the spring as the lake starts to dry up for the year the waders are usually found in the shallows or in the mud.

Here is a few snaps from this trip

All images are Copyright Mark A. Gray


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